Having majored in Applied Art from College of Art, New Delhi, Tarannum moved to Mumbai to work in the advertising film industry. Here, she assisted notable directors such as Navdeep Singh, Ashim Ahluwalia, Abhinay Deo and Nagesh Kukunoor. She also studied filmmaking at the University of Southern California for a summer.

Recently she wrote and directed a Short Film named Imprint aka ‘Ek Lakdi Thi’. It’s been doing well at film festivals and has won the Outstanding Achievement Award in two categories at the Tagore International Film Festival. The film has been officially selected at 11 film festivals including the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, Melrose Film Festival, Lift Off Global, Goa Short Film Festival and Mumbai Cult Film Festivals.
Click here to watch the film

Tarannum loves all story-telling mediums; whether it’s endless seasons of a series or a 30 second long advertisement. She has made TV and digital adverts for L’Oréal, Netflix India, Parle-G, Myntra, Fashion Big Bazaar, Melorra Jewellery, One Plus Nord, Go Cheese, Livon, Toyota, Honda, Complan, Eno, Indifusion, Swiss Eagle Watches, GIO Collection, VGC Diamonds and UNICEF to name a few. She likes to blend Art and Film and that’s why each frame in her films is aesthetically pleasing and obsessively balanced.

Tarannum has also Illustrated Books

– Meri Asha | A coffee table book of poems
– Different Differenter, an activity book about skin color

She’s most motivated by innovative ideas. In her free time, she writes, illustrates and creates experimental videos.